Ninja outfit

Well it’s nearly Halloween, and this year my younger son wanted a Ninja outfit.


I self drafted the body, based on his onesie PJs, switching them from a front zip, to one that opens at the back.

First sets were to appliqué on the gold cross, the attach the arms at the shoulder. A wide zigzag stitch was used with a medium (3) stitch length. We then tried it on for size, pinning the side seams to check if anywhere needed taken in. The outfit was made in lycra, so has plenty of stretch. Once we were happy the side seams, including arms were sewn on my overlocker. Final touches were a wide band for the neck, and gold flashes at the ankles.

For the ninja mask I used a 60cm (approx) square which I the tied on his head to work out where the eye hole should go. The eye hole was 12cm x 2cm. To re-enforce the edge I first sewed a rectangle right side to right side, sewing the shape for the whole. Then I cut the centre out, using a diagonal snip into each corner. Finally I pushed the facing through the hole and top stitched around the rectangle. The mask is then tied onto the head using the two outer corners from the square.


Great outfit to practice ninja creeping and kicks.