Think Sewing – Think Electronics

This was my Valentine’s day project which has taken a while to blog about, but I thought it was one of my sewing projects that others may be interested in.

Think Sewing – Think Electronics and mix them together.

Imagine being able to sew an electronic circuit into your sewing. Well you can. If you buy conductive thread you can sew small scale, low power electronics into your projects and literally make them light up when you want!


How it’s done:

Firstly, some basic electrical circuit theory. We need a power source, a light and a way to turn it on and off.


However, for a small sewing project you don’t want a big AAA battery and set of cables – this is where conductive thread and small scale circuit boards come in.


The next stage is to prepare your felt heart (or whatever else you are sewing) so that you can add the circuit into it. For the heart I used three layers of felt, and sewed the circuit onto the middle layer. Use a running stitch to link the elements of your circuit together, taking care not to cross the stitching from different links (which will cause a short circuit).

I wanted my magnetic switch to be activated from the back of the heart, but the light shine on the front, so I made sure that the switch was attached to the back of the felt, with the other elements on the front.

Finally, the three hearts were sewn together leaving a small opening close to the battery holder, so that the battery can be changed in the future.

Once the heart was complete, the light can be triggered by bringing a magnet close to the magnetic switch on the rear of the heart.

To add to the sewing fun, I decided to put a miniature magnet inside a fabric doll. The message on my heart was “You make my heart glow”, so it made sense to me that the trigger for the glow should be a doll of my husband!

I followed a fabric doll pattern, and made a small doll with an outfit. Just before attaching the head, I put the small magnet inside the body (close to the normal heart position).

wpid-wp-1426276986611.jpeg       wpid-wp-1426276980847.jpeg

This way when the doll cuddles the heart, the heart glows!


The only downside was my family thought the doll looked like

a Voodoo doll, …. watch out for those pins!