Good Friday, in the clouds

A cold and misty Good Friday inspired me to make a spring jumper.

Roseberry Topping in the clouds
Roseberry Topping in the clouds

I had been working on a summer top, as part of the simplicity challenge,  but it was simply too cold for that!

The weather here in Yorkshire has been hit and miss recently. One day this week we had everything from sun to rain to wind to snow. So it’s still jumper weather here.

As we’re heading hopefully to warmer days I decided to modify the pattern,  vogue V8699, by removing the collar and making a separate neck scarf. This way I can wear it on colder days with the neck scarf, and on warmer days as a scoop neck jumper.


As the picture hints, the clouds cleared and we then had great weather for the rest of the Easter weekend. Must sew a jumper again when I want the weather to change!

The hardest part of the top was making sure that I didn’t end up with two circles in the wrong place.

The additional scarf worked well too – the close up can be seen below. These are really simple to make (especially if you have a server/overlocker). The basic steps are:

  1. cut a rectangle wide enough to sit comfortably around your neck, and twice the height you want the scarf to end up
  2. Sew into a tube, with a straight stitch
  3. Then fold tube in half, wrong sides together
  4. Using the overlocker set to a rolled seam stitch sew the two open edges together stretching the fabric as it stitches to create a lettuce effect on the edge.


I’ve made lots of these scarves this winter. A great stash buster. I’ve made some as presents, and also sold some as part of supporting my son’s fundraising. The only thing to remember is that they work best with stretch fabric (so jersey or wool). They will work with non-stretch fabric but you’ll need to ensure you can slide the scarf over your head.



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