Modified Taffy Blouse from Colette

During May I made a couple of new tops for this summer’s wardrobe.

Having made Colette’s Taffy blouse, from their book before I decided it was time for another one. This time I wanted a blouse that could be worn both to work and on a night out, so decided to make the sleeves slightly smaller.

I used the normal pattern pieces,  but reduced the length of the sleeves by about 2″ (~5cm). This reduced the fullness, and also reduced the fabric required meaning the whole top was made out of 1m of fabric.


The other modification was a fba to help it fit better.

As the top was made in chiffon I used french seams for the sides and arm wholes. The sleeves and top were heated using my rolled heam foot. I still find it quite tricky to feed the fabric into the foot evenly, but taking it slowly it went ok.

The neckline was finished with bias binding,  which I finished by stitching in the ditch. This was a new technique which I’ve used a couple of times recently. To ensure I didn’t stitch on the bias I used the centre guide of my foot to follow the edge of the bias, and set the machine needle half a notch to the side meaning the stitches were close but just off the bias tape.

Pleased with the results.


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