Adding In-Seam Zipped Pockets

Skirts are great, but most commercial patterns don’t include pockets. The simplest pockets to add to a skirt are patch pockets, however whilst practical they are not very secure. I tend to make every day wear, including outfits to wear at work where in the modern world I find I’m always looking for a pocket to put my phone in. NOt to mention that I like to be able to cycle as well – making phones in pockets even more risky!

A great solution is to add in-seam pockets to your skirts, which can be done quite easily by following the below steps. Not only will this take you through adding a pocket, but it will show you how to make this a secure pocket by adding a zip.

  1.  Draft pocket by drawing a curved pocket shape large enough to hold your phone.
  2. Finish the edges of your pocket (I use an overlocker, but you could zigzag the edges)
  3. Prepare your skirt, and before you sew the side seam follow these steps to include the pocket into the seam. Finish the seams of your skirt as in step 2 before you add the pocket.
  4. Add a small strip of iron on interfacing to each of the skirt seams slightly longer than the opening for your pocket.

  5. Right side to right side pin and then sew one pocket section to the front and back sections of the skirt. Sew within the seam allowance.

  6. Fold and press the pocket away from the skirt.

  7. Sew the front and back of the skirt together from the top and 1.5cm into the pocket. Secure the end of the seam well.
  8. Insert an invisible zip into the seam (taking care the ensure that the pocket is kept close to the front (or back of the skirt). Stop the seam on the zip at least 1.5cm before the end of the pocket.

  9. Complete the skirt side seam below the zip, as you would normally below a zip. I leave a very small  section below the zip before starting the side seam so that the overall seam will lie flat (only about 2/3mm).
  10. Optional – add top stitched satin stitching at 90o to the seam both above and below the zip. This can be both decorative and functional in that it helps protect the seam and pocket from any holes. Alternatively press seam and omit this additional stitching for an invisible pocket seam.

Complete the rest of your skirt – and enjoy secret, secure pockets





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