Half way through Me Made May

That’s the mid way point – half way through May and my pledge is going strong. Each day this month I’ve worn a new hand made item, sometimes two, and as of yet no repeats.

A number of years ago I changed from only sewing going out style outfits to a whole range of every day outfits. It’s great to be able to wear your own style every day – and not just on that Christmas night out.

So far what has the challenge identified in my wardrobe? Looking back on the month so far you can see that alot of my outfits are quite dark – could be that my work wardrobe is slightly more conservative. Today I’m working at home and the sun is out, so pale lilac skirt with white and blue top. I think as I move into the next half of the month it will become harder not to repeat outfits – a whole month of outfits with no repeats, to cope with the weather range is quite hard. That’s been the hardest challenge so far – trying to introduce jumpers on the cooler days, so that if it does heat up I can then wear the more summery outfits.

Enjoying the challenge so far – following others on pinterest, and twitter. This week’s purchase has been the Tania Culottes – pattern printed, fabric cut out, will hopefully sew tonight. Culottes are a favourite of mine – I cycle sometimes to work, so I’m hoping to make a knee length pair in a suitable work fabric. Also finished off a modified version of Vogue’s 8886, made with a key hole neckline and button up back. More on that in a separate post.


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