Spring into the jersey dress trend

As spring approaches I thought it was time for a new Jersey dress for work. Jersey dresses have been in the sewing trends recently both the the Great British Sewing Bee, and the new book from Collete.

I’ve made quite a few jersey dresses as they are so quick and easy to make with a serger. My normal route is to start with a vintage dress pattern and ditch the facings. I then use strips of the fabric, folded and the served onto the neck and arm holes. Stretch the strip slightly when you’re attaching to stop it ending up baggy. This means it’s easy to reshape the neck into a new scoop shape as you want. Remember keep the new scoop at 90o in the middle to help keep it balanced.

The finished modern dress.


I think it looks a bit different from the pattern picture!


The sleeve picture really doesn’t do it justice. The dress has darts front and back which give it a lovely fitted shape and stops it looking like a big baggy tshirt.

A serger is great for jersey and I love using it to do a lettuce edge rolled heam.


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