Oversized cowl neck top

This weekend’s project was a sleeveless jumper – ideal to throw on over dresses or tops for a little extra warmth as the spring days start to arrive.

Another knit project using some fantastic loose hair wool fabric I used my overlocker on most of the seams.

The pattern came from a Threads magazine article. Threads is a fantastic American sewing magazine that focuses on more advanced techniques.

http://www.threadsmagazine.com/ they offer an online only subscription which gives access to a wealth of articles, hints, videos etc.

First challenge was drafting a sheet of inch square paper to help draft the pattern. I filled a whole flip chart page with nice bold black lines. Then I drafted the three pattern pieces from the online picture. Front, back and cowl neck.

The top had a wide shape to the back, with a straighter front.

I application some velvet ribbon close to the bottom edges, sewing on using my Bernina overlock foot to help guide me close to the edge of the ribbon.

Then I used the overlocker, first doing the shoulder seams where I added the same ribbon on the inside to help stabilise the shoulders. I do this on most jersey or knit fabric by pinning ribbon along the seam then serging the two layers of fabric, plus ribbon in one. It looks good if you use fancy ribbon as well as stopping the seams sagging.

The arm holes were overlocked, then side seams joined using the overlocker.
The fabric made it easy to hand sew the heads for the bottom edge and arms without seams showing.

Final step was the join the cowl into a loop, then pin it (doubled over) onto the neck. A quick serge and it’s done.

Big, loose comfy jumper without arms.



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