Colette Truffle minus truffle!

Another twist on the great Colette Truffle dress. This time I wanted a version to wear to work – slightly longer so that I could cycle in it.


As you can see this is it worn to work with a cardigan since it’s not quite warm enough for bare arms.

I used a nice light weight wool fabric and lined the top with some lovely soft lining fabric. Can’t remember what it was called think it was made from paper? Really soft and can be used like habotti silk.

As before the dress made up nicely. The pattern results in quite a short above the knee dress which I didn’t want, so I lengthened the skirt pieces by about 10cm. This made a nice knee length skirt – great with boots in the winter.

As there was no truffle added I decided to make a fabric belt, with a nice vintage buckle I found. I added a popper to the end of the belt to stop the belt slipping.

Although I’ve worn it with a cardigan, or wool jacket it also works well on its own. The wool is light enough that it should work well in spring and summer too.



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