Gandalf outfit

This week’s challenge has been to make a Gandalf outfit for my 7 year old son. It’s world book day this week, so they have a dress up day at school. The theme was “your favourite character from a book”.

The cloak was quite straightforward – I had an old (1977!) pattern for a child’s dressing gown which I used as the base. I modified the sleeves to make the flare into a wide edge – more wizard than dressing gown.

I followed some online instructions I found to create a pattern and sew a Gandalf hat. It worked out but I did have a few issues – will do a separate post on the hat.

Finally I made a wool beard. I started with a jaw shaped piece of mesh fabric, then tied lengths of wool to it. The longest started at the chin, then worked shorter as I moved up the face. Added elastic then lined with some scrap silk to make it soft on my son’s face.

The last touch was a wooden staff – found in our local woods.



A great world book day outfit.


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