Shoulder pads

Sometimes jackets just need a little support at the shoulders – ok so I lived through the 80s but I don’t mean shoulder pads to that extreme!

I’ve been making a light weight,  unlined tweed jacket from a 60s pattern and decided that the shoulders could do with a little extra support.  Instead of rushing out to buy some – and risk looking like a Dallas extra – I made some using some leftover fleece and a bit of matching tweed.

I cut a semi-circlar piece of the tweed first, then three gradually smaller ones in fleece.

I backed the tweed with iron on interfacing then serged the edges. For the fleece I simply zig zagged the outer edge of each piece onto the next, starting with the smallest fleece piece and working out to the tweed.

This resulted in a pocket effect which meant I could add an extra layer of fleece if I needed more structure.

Once made they were hand sewn into the jacket, attaching at 4 points. Three points on the join of the sleeve and on the shoulder seam.

Hey presto stuctuted shoulders that match your jacket.


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