Purl Bee Gents tie

Looking for a free gents tie pattern I found the one by Purl Bee.

Ideal for a Christmas gift I set about making a silk tie for my Dad’s Christmas.

The pattern makes up really well and the instructions were easy to follow. I guess one thing that surprised me was how little machine sewing is involved in making a tie. There are only 2 seams sewn using the machine – to join the three main pieces together.

In making a tie your other tools of the trade are interfacing, an iron and hand sewing.

I used iron on interfacing to back the silk crepe de chein and then slotted in a length of heavy weight sew in interfacing just before hand sewing the final, centre back seam.


The tie itself was made in a plain silk, and as can be seen the lining pieces were done in patterned silk for a contrast.


I like the pattern and will make again. Would recommend to anyone looking for a relatively quick project for their partner, Dad, son etc.


One thought on “Purl Bee Gents tie

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