Winter smart top – Vogue V8886

This pattern is quite similar to others that I’ve made, however does come with the advantage that the Very East Vogue, custom fit patterns do. The princess line top (or dress) comes with a variety of cup sizes, making it easier to select the best option for your own size.

I have a similar vintage pattern, with a collar which is quite similar – however the vintage style I can only make in jersey as its not really the correct size for me.

I made this in a think grey jersey, so didn’t add the zip, or lining. Mixing and matching, I made the shorter top length but used the sleeves from the longer dress. Not sure that I really followed the pattern instructions very much as the basics of the top I was happy to simply sew together from the pattern pieces. The collar however was done in a slightly different manner to my usual technique. To give the collar the rolled look, the upper collar is stitched to the body first, and the the lower  collar attached separately. This means that the collar flows more than it would if both sections were attached as one.


Think this will be a good pattern to make again – probably as a dress next time.


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