Vogue 8551 Evening dress

First made this vogue dress 21 years ago! Last time it was in dark green velvet.

The pattern is for an unlined dress which I didn’t want to do. With having the high slit on the left thigh I made the lining shorter at the front than the back.

As I mentioned in a previous post – using the through the shoulders technique to attach and turn the lining is very difficult when the straps are as narrow as they are on this pattern.

Another problem encountered was that it was designed for a B cup. The front pieces for the ptincess seams need adjustments to give enough room for a C cup.

There were facing pieces on the front slit which I held in place using wonderweb tape to stoo them flapping out. With the dress being such fine fabric this was easier than my usual invisible heaming stitches.

I found that I didn’t like how it sat under my arms, was possibility a bit too low for me.


Dress was saved by making a quick shrug. Started making less than 2 hours before we were going out!

Traced the shrug from an old one I had. Three simple pieces. Used my overlocker to sew shoulder seams and underarm/sides. Then set the overlocker to a roll heam to finish neck and lower edge. Sucess.


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