Vogue 8685 in check suiting

This weeks new outfit was again expanding my work wardrobe for this autumn/winter.

When I made this back in the summer I thought the long sleeve version,  with some extra length would make a good outfit.

I chose to tackle this project using a check suiting fabric with a slight stretch.

The pattern is recommended for fabric with a slight stretch. Last time my fabric was very stretchy, so I omitted the rear zip altogether. This time it was needed as the fabric didn’t have much stretch at all. I did however use a side zip so that I could cut all back pieces whole.


There were two main challenges to the dress.

First was my choice of fabric.  The check meant I had to carefully plan all cutting to line things up.

I started with the waist bands and lined things up in the centre and made sure at the mid point that I measured each seam line so that a matching pattern effect was achieved.

To help I cut each piece separately,  and manually flipped pieces rather than cutting on the fold.

The second challenge is letting the heam hang and allowing the bias to set before re-cutting and heaming. My previous dress ended up making a feature of the shaped heam but this time I wanted it even.

I hand stitched both heam and sleeves to ensure invisible heams.

Was pleased with the final result.


…and it spins nicely too.


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