Bicycle pannier

This weeks project was an upcycling project. The goal was to create a bike pannier out of an old rucksack.


Not only has this been modified,  but it can still be worn as a rucksac.

The first step was to remove the top section of the foam backing in the rucksac. It was too thick to sew through on my machine.

Next I sewed three lots of velcro close to the top. I overlaped the strips of velcro so that they faced the opposite direction from each other.


Then I added velcro to the ends of the shoulder straps so that they can be connected across the bag (and behind the struts of the bike rack to hold it down). Not sure how well the velcro will hold – might need snaps as well.


Finally I added ties to the main shoulder straps so that they could be tied in (and not get caught in spokes).


Overall impressed. Big enough to hold two sleeping bags and a fraction of the cost of bought panniers.



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