Gertie’s Portrait Blouse

Given all the good weather we’ve been having I’ve been making more tops recently.

This week I decided to try out a pattern from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. I’ve owned the book for ages, but to date only used it as a reference guide.

The book comes with patterns, however you need tracing paper as there are multiple patterns on the each page. I guess this was done as the book explains techniques to modify patterns,  providing example ideas as well.

I decided to make the original shape of portrait blouse first.

Sizes are always a bit of a challenge. Each range of patterns being a little unique. I struggled to find the sizing guide in the book. It is there page 125!

The blouse has a loose top, which is then very fitted below the bust. Have to admit the fitted waist worked well and the shorter length works well due to the fitted nature.


The top has a nice side zip (I used a concealed one).

I finished the internal seams using my serger, however followed Gertie’s instructions for the narrow heam for the sleeve. Worked well and will use this technique again.

Narrow heam: sew close to fabric edge say 3mm, iron in then sew again close to first stitching line. Trim rough edge using small scissors. Iron in again by folding just beyond stitching. Final row of stitches keeping even distance as this will show on outside.


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