Oversized tote bag

Tote bags are great to carry, and help save the environment as they get re-used.

I’ve made a selection over the last few years, and they make a good project for anyone new or old to sewing.

This one was a bespoke oversized tote as a gift bag for a wedding gift (which was a oil painting that had to travel by plane!) The bag meant that it fitted within hand luggage limits.


I tend to buy off cuts of curtain fabric for bags. Good strength and you can get some fantastic quality fabric at a fraction of its ticket price.

I use the basic tote design. Two rectangles of fabric, sewing and overlocking 3 sides.

I then create a flat bottom by sewing across the bottom corners and trimming, again with overlocker.

For the top edge I usually overlock then turn over about 3cm or more for a large bag.

For this one I added a magnetic clip so added some iron on interface to strengthen.

Straps, cut two long strips 4 times the width you want the straps to be. Iron in half, then iron in each quarter then fold together.  Overstitch the open edge.

Sew straps onto the bag and it’s done. This can be done near the top edge or further down for strength.


Its a quick and easy project and make great gift bags and therefore a long lasting gift.


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