Colette meringue skirt with sorbetto top

I’ve just finished another outfit based on Colette patterns. The Meringue skirt from their Sewing Handbook plus the Sorbetto top which is available as a free download from their site.


The book as usual had good tips to follow.  The skirt is a basic A line skirt with an unusual heam. The tips to help you sew even scallops were great. It explained making a template and tracing the stitching line onto the underside if the heam facing. The instructions were a little confusing as it looked like the top section was your template but I cut a template that was basically the 5/8th seam allowance then lined this up with the edge of the fabric on each curve.

I’ve made the Sorbetto before however this time cut a size 8 rather than the 14 I did first time. As I’ve mentioned before Colette use their own sizes. I always struggle with any pattern to get the correct size. I measure myself but if I cut the pattern that matches my waist size it hangs off me….not sure where I go wrong. I normally base on bust size and see how it goes.

This outfit has top size 8, with skirt a 10 which is slightly loose.

Again using tips from the book, also on their website I made the bias binding to match the skirt and added a band to the heam.

I keep making other projects rather than finishing the dress to wear to my friends wedding. Think I’m nervous of working with the silk de chine. I’ve cut the main fabric …. and time is moving on so I’d best focus in it next so that it’s ready in time!


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